Resume for:

William N. Tavolga, Ph. D.

Current Position:

Senior Scientist 

Program Manager: Sensory Biology and Behavior

Mote Marine Laboratory
1600 Ken Thompson Parkway
Sarasota, Florida 34236

email: &

Fields of Competence

General Marine Biology; Systematics in Reptiles and Teleost Fishes; Parasitology of Fish; Embryology and Genetics in Teleost Fishes; Endocrinology of Fish; Reproductive Behavior in Teleost Fishes; Vision in Fishes; Hearing in Fishes; Behavior and Bioacoustics in Fishes; Learning in Fishes; Animal Communication; Communication in Cetacea; Computer Technology and Programming.


1949 - Ph.D. - New York University, New York

1946 - M.S. - New York University, New York

1943 - B.S. - City College, New York City, NY

Experience Summary

Over 50 years of experience in areas of expertise, listed above. Over 100 publications include a text on animal behavior; two volumes on bioacoustics; two volumes of edited readings on sound reception and sound reception in fishes; one on hearing and communication in fishes; and research articles, as well as popular articles, book reviews, etc. Principal investigator for grants and contracts with the Office of Naval Research; U.S. Naval Training Device Center; Naval Undersea Center; the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health. Generated several computer programs, including the payroll and accounting applications. Teacher of computer science and a consultant in data analysis and statistics. Technical experience in electronics and computer science consists of design and construction of digital circuits, computer programming in assembly, BASIC, Pascal, 'C', and other languages. Fluent in Russian and some facility in French and German.

Teaching in areas of Zoology, Ichthyology, Animal Behavior, Psychobiology. Over 30 years experience.

Guggenheim Fellowship (1974-75); Professor Emeritus from City University of New York in Departments of Biology and Psychology; Fellow of A.A.A.S.; Fellow of Animal Behaviour Society. 

Current Activities

Research at the Mote Marine Laboratory on ultrasonic hearing in herring-like fishes. This is in collaboration with the University of Maryland Zoology Department, and under a grant from the National Institutes of Health. See Dr. Arthur N. Popper.

Program Manager of the Sensory Biology and Behavior Research Program at the Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, Florida.

Volunteer work at the Sarasota Music Archive overseeing a database containing over 300,000 music items.


Music: piano; Travel; Photography


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